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December 28, 2012


Excellent post (as usual). I am a great believer in keeping it simple and if every corporation prioritized their activities in the order of People, Planet, Profit then that would be ideal. But is that going to happen in a world where continuous growth is demanded by the financial markets? Corporations (and shareholders) need to realize that resources are finite and continuous growth in not sustainable. Corporations, shareholders and financial markets need to give a greater value to activities that have social and environmental benefits. The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) tries to standardize and grade sustainability reporting, but from what I have seen of it, it is far from keeping it simple.


Minefield is right! And not just economic - all three!

I'd like to try to capture the idea that it's not just about creating economic value without destroying environmental or social value, but that it should include creation of environmental and social value, too. It's like a three legged race - no one can get to far without the other two, but in concert, they can really make some distance.

Happy New Year,

This was a great post. Corporations are entities whose very existence is dependent upon those who manage them. Therefore shouldn't the definition of Corporate Sustainability be a directive that mandates keeping them healthy and thriving while being socially responsible? Perhaps Corporate Sustainability could be defined as, “Embracing the existence of the corporation beyond those who control it; ensuring it thrives and agilely makes its way through the economic minefield, while never causing it to lose face."

Does it need to be a government standards, Matt? Can't we sort of organically create one that we can reference?

Interesting comments.
I believe it needs to be up to the individual
or company to make a defination.There needs
to be a government standard for individuals
and companies to be able to reference when

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